How Our Services Affect Your Profit

The acquisition and ongoing ownership of an aircraft may be one of the most significant investments you, or your company, could make. In these situations, seeking advice from a professional aircraft acquisition company that is experienced in navigating the intricacies involved in such a purchase is not only helpful but prudent.

CFS Jets — Acquisition Services

CFS works with clients throughout the acquisition processCFS works with clients throughout the acquisition process, beginning with a comprehensive needs analysis to ensure the targeted aircraft meets the size, speed and range desired. We perform duteous research and apply our considerable industry knowledge to deliver a detailed market evaluation and recommendation of suitable aircraft available in the timeframe and financial range requested.

Extensive network of contactsOur extensive network of contacts affords our clients access to the most inclusive list of aircraft available, both on, and off-market. We leverage our relationships and respected reputation to negotiate on behalf of our clients, greatly increasing the likelihood our client will be satisfied not only with the price but also with the terms of the sale.

When it comes to making a purchase, the savviest investors know that they make their money when they buy, rather than when they sell. CFSで, 我々は多くの必要をお客様に提供して、私たちが果たす役割を誇りに思っています, 資格情報と表現彼らは「買う右」を支援し、その財源を保護するために、.