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Tom McCune começou sua carreira na aviação em 1973. Com um certificado de Piloto de Linha Aérea e 7,000 horas, ele combinou suas habilidades de vôo com o seu amor para as vendas. Enquanto trabalhava para Cessna Aircraft Company, Tom aperfeiçoou suas habilidades de marketing ao máximo. Dentro 1984 Tom founded Corporate Fleet Services. Com 31 years of experience he has built a successful company on these basics…Know your product better than anyone else and provide the best possible service to your clients”. This philosophy has served him well. Hoje, Corporate Fleet Services is recognized as one of the premier dealers in the world. Tom believes that a successful aircraft acquisition or sale is much like a good landing… In addition to expertise and knowledge, it takes preparation, planning and execution. Because of this, when you experience the expertise, knowledge, and the integrity of our staff here at Corporate Fleet Services, you will see service above and beyond the competition.