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At Corporate Fleet Services we not only carry シーラスジェットの販売 but have extensive knowledge of the roots of our inventoried aircraft, 購入者に正確な履歴を提供して、投資を十分に楽しむことができるようにします.

The Beginnings…

年に設立 1984, 私たちが始めた同じ年, Dale and Alan Klapmeier began to manufacture homemade planes out of Duluth, Minnesota and set up their headquarters a decade later. Within the 15 years of the company’s inception, Cirrus Aircraft began mass-producing small planes at 3-4 planes per week.

The Recession…

With growing popularity, Cirrus accounted for 11% of the entire market of single engine piston aircraft. しかしながら, によって 2008 Cirrus was greatly affected by the recession, causing them to lay off over 8% of their entire workforce.

The Comeback…

販売のためのシーラスジェット, 販売のための引用ジェット, とホーカージェットの販売Facing difficulty head-on, Cirrus kicked up production to 8 aircraft per week, remaining strong despite financial hardship. Eventually in 2011 Cirrus was acquired by China Aviation Industry General Aircraft, where they remain today, still producing several hundred aircraft per year, オーバー 8,000 in total.

At Corporate Fleet Services we have a vast inventory of the best private and corporate aircraft on the planet, including Cirrus jets for sale. As accredited dealers of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (既に) we’re prepared to take on even the most complicated transactions including sales, 交換, 取引, acquisitions, そして、はるかに. With a team of passionate and knowledgeable aircraft brokers on our team we work with you and your budget to find you the ideal aircraft at the ideal rate.

In addition to our team of knowledgeable staff, we have over 35 years of experience as international dealers, giving us the tools, technologies, and financial force needed to ensure hassle-free and seamless transactions. 今日お電話ください (704)-359-0007 to learn more about our Cirrus jets for sale.