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拥有私人飞机是很多人的梦想, 然而, 对于那些谁拥有或正在寻求自己的私人飞机, 销售和购买的过程中可有头痛. 从市场的谈判工作,并关闭销售, 私人飞机销售的事项应留给专业人士: airplane brokers.

Airplane Brokers, 飞机经纪人, 航空代理, 和李连杰经纪人 Airplane brokers offer invaluable services for aircraft owners and clients looking to sell or acquire private aircraft. Not only do airplane brokers help you sell your private aircraft, but they handle a range of base level diligences that can be nearly impossible to handle on your own.

  • Aircraft listing is one of the first steps in selling your private aircraft. Not only does aircraft listing require mass broadcasting, it requires a worldwide network of contacts to ensure the purchase of your private aircraft. Unless you have a wide range of contacts in the market for private planes, it can be difficult to sell your private aircraft on your own. Airplane brokers have access to national and international clients and can sell your airplane in no time at all.
  • A comprehensive analysis of your needs is required before purchasing a private jet. While certain aspects of private airplanes may seem attractive, they may not be necessary. Airplane brokers can help you analyze and pinpoint your exact needs and wants to find an affordable and ideal private plane that encompasses your unique needs and desires.
  • Contracts and negotiations are one of the most complex aspects of purchasing and selling private aircraft. Airplane brokers have ample experience in private jet sales to ensure that all contracts and negotiations are dealt with professionally, effectively, and efficiently.

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