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あなた自身のプライベートジェットを購入することは爽快な経験です! しかし、プライベートジェットを所有するだけではありません, その中で飛ぶことは本当のスリルがあるところです. プライベートジェットは、どこに行くか、そしてどのようにそこに着くかということです。–and we’re here to let you know where the most popular travel destinations are for private jet owners.

販売のためのビーチクラフト, ビーチクラフト航空機販売, ビーチクラフトジェットブローカーIt may just get you thinking about your next travel destination! Or even about purchasing your own private aircraft, if you don’t already own one (if that’s you, check out our impressive 販売のためのビーチクラフト).

So where are private jet owners flying?

  • Washington D.C.- I’m sure it’s no surprise that Washington D.C. is at the top of the list. With a large portion of private aircraft owners involved in politics, it’s no surprise that politicians are flitting back and forth from the nation’s capital.
  • Norman’s Cay, Bahamas This Caribbean Island makes the list due to its accessibility for private aircraft, and the fact that it’s a high-profile vacation destination.
  • London, イギリスLondon is another political and business destinationnot to mention there are plenty of tourist activities too!
  • Faroe Islands, Arctic Circle This commonly unknown destination makes the list because it can only be accessed by private aircraft.
  • 天使たち – It’s the city of angels and the city of celebrities, it’s no wonder why this hugely populous city makes the list of top private jet destinations.

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