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It’s easy to get caught up in the magic when looking at private ジェット機販売–しかし、最初の機械的な問題が発生すると、魔法は少し死にます.

販売のためのジェッツ, 航空機の販売, 販売のための飛行機, 販売のためのプライベート飛行機幸いなことに, 自家用機の機械的な問題は簡単に修正できることがよくあります. ここでは、プライベートジェットの力学と機械的な問題に関する最も一般的な質問のいくつかを紹介します。:

  • Why is my jet having mechanical issues?

There’s no one simple answer to why your private aircraft is having mechanical issuesonly a mechanic can tell you that! しかしながら, some of the most common reasons may be bird strikes, equipment issues, plumbing, overheating, landing gear issues, and faulty sensors, to name a few.

  • Is my aircraft more apt to have mechanical problems because it’s old?

はい. Just like purchasing an older car, older private aircraft need more TLC and are prone to more mechanical issues than newer models.

  • Does having my private jet maintained reduce the likelihood of mechanical issues?

はい! Keeping up on the regular maintenance of your private aircraft is an important aspect of owning a private jet. The frequency of private jet maintenance depends on your specific model; しかしながら, it’s generally recommended that preventative maintenance should be performed at 25 hours and minor maintenance at 100 flying hours or less.

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