The Aviation Broker with Connections and Experience: CFS Jets

For more than 35 years Corporate Fleet Services, CFS Jets, has provided aircraft brokerage services to Fortune 500 Companies and individuals who want to buy or sell airplanes. CFS Jets is the preferred aircraft broker for companies of all sizes and individuals who understand that a private jet broker will assist them from the first conversation until the final sale documents are signed. As a respected airplane broker, CFS Jets provides services to make buying or selling an aircraft stress-free.

Our Services Include

  • Aircraft listing services
  • Aircraft acquisition services
  • Needs analysis: to make sure the aircraft you want fits your needs
  • Market evaluation of available aircraft
  • Recommendation of aircraft that fit your requirements and budget
  • Negotiate price and terms
  • Attend all pre-purchase inspections and provide a feedback report
  • Coordinate closing forms to expedite the final sale
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Aircraft Broker for the Top Brands in the Industry

CFS Jets is the leader in aviation sales and carries the largest inventory of private and corporate jets. As aviation sales experts, CFS Jets partners with only the most respected names in the aviation industry. From Beechcraft to Cessna and Gulfstream to Bombardier, aviation broker CFS Jets can provide you with what they have in their inventory or find you the aircraft you want. Enlisting the help of an aircraft broker is essential If you are looking for a new or pre-owned aircraft.

Desde 1984, CFS Jets has been the aviation broker individuals and companies rely on to provide them a seamless transaction. Known for overseeing national and international aviation sales, the experts at CFS Jets understand every detail of the deal is important. Our knowledgeable staff can handle even the most complicated deals. Due diligence in aviation sales is paramount and CFS Jets takes the time to conduct thorough market research, providing the most up-to-date information to potential buyers and sellers.

Comercial e Private Jet Broker

Ser um corretor de jato particular é um título que levamos muito a sério. Sabemos que as vidas de nossos clientes estão em jogo, se uma aeronave não cumpre as normas de segurança. Por esta razão, nossos corretores de jatos comerciais e privadas fornecem uma revisão no local da aeronave e todos os seus registros antes de uma oferta é feita e participar da inspeção pré-compra antes papéis venda finais são assinados. CFS Jets, corretor de avião, oferece serviço personalizado para tornar o processo de compra de aeronaves e venda fácil.