As COVID-19 is a rapidly changing situation, the NBAA has provided important information for pilots and operators regarding aviation operations. Read the article below to learn about the updates the NBAA has issued on COVID-19 Business Aviation Operational Guidance. As the aviation industry flies through uncharted airspace during the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, 全国…


Business aviation is proven to add value to a company that uses this service over traditional commercial aviation. Benefits of business aviation include allowing companies to collaborate more during flights, have a flexible schedule and contribute to small and local economies across the country. Keep reading the article below to find out more about the


Business aviation is on the rise. Waiting in the busy lines at the airport can be time-consuming, business aviation is faster, saves time, and allows for more productivity on the go. Read the article below for more information about the practicality of business aviation. A recent article by Joe Sharkey in the New York Times

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Pro Star Pilatus has confirmed that they will once again be attending Elite EventsNew York show, New York’s only exclusive jet-set lifestyle event. Pro stars, headquartered in New Hampshire, sells the world’s first Super Versatile Jet the PC-24 and other popular models like the PC-12. Keep reading below to find out more about


Starting a career in aviation is a lifelong dream for many. Thanks to the annual Aviation Career Day, held at McKinnon St. Simons Airport in South Carolina, it is possible for kids to learn more about a future in aviation. An opportunity for a free flight is available for participants ages 8 至 17. 读…


在用于商业用途的飞机已经成为更多的是需要对世界各地的所有成长型企业. 有各种各样的原因公司使用商业航空运输的原因, 如柔性, 无障碍, 和可预见性. Read the article below to find more about why companies choose business aviation for transportation


Are you currently training to pursue a career in the aviation industry? The Connell Aviation Group will be awarding one student who is currently training to fulfill their passion in aviation the $1,000 James H Connell Excellence in Aviation Scholarship. Read the article below for more details on the Scholarship and the materials needed in