Is Bombardier Aircraft Right for You?

With a long legacy of providing attractive and functional transportation, Bombardier provides some of the most comprehensive and attractive aircraft families of business jets, including the Challenger and Learjet. Ideal for both personal and corporate use, Bombardier aircraft are a great choice for anyone looking for reliable, long-lasting jets for sale. At CFS Jets, we’re proud to buy and sell a range of Bombardier aircraft models, so if you are searching for Learjet for sale or Challenger jets for sale, look no further!

As an accredited dealer with the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) we have experience offering private jet dealer services to an international audience. We also pride ourselves on developing a bullet-proof marketing strategy that streamlines private aircraft sales with an average 30 day turnaround. Whether you’re searching for Bombardier aircraft for sale, or looking to hire an aviation broker to help you put your private aircraft on the market, we’re here to meet all your needs.

Learjet for Sale

Known as the jet that provides “limitless freedom”, Learjet is another popular private aircraft model for businesses and individuals. Here are the top models of Learjet for sale:

Learjet 45

The Learjet 45 is a mid-sized business jet that’s recognized as one of the best super-light business jets on the market, ruling in sustainability!

Learjet 75

As an upgrade of the highly popular Learjet 45, the 75 features a private executive suite and is the only light jet certified to the industry’s highest safety standards.

Learjet 45 for sale
Learjet 45

Challenger Jet for Sale

When it comes to quality there’s nothing that beats a Challenger aircraft. As the best-selling business jet amongst top charter operators, Challenger jets for sale are a highly sought-after Bombardier aircraft for corporate use. Here are the top Challenger jet models:

Challenger 3500

The Challenger 3500 is the ultimate combination of reliability and performance, equipped with advanced cabin features and revolutionary Nuage seating.

Challenger 350

Known as the bestselling business jet amongst charter operators and corporate flight departments, this award-winning aircraft makes for a desirable plane for sale.

Challenger 650

The Challenger 650 offers the widest in-class cabin and the lowest operating costs amongst all other Bombardier aircraft for sale, providing ultimate value!

Volunteer Owners/Pilots Needed for Textron’s 2022 Special Olympics Airlift
Challenger 350

Bombardier Jet Sales

At CFS Jets, we proudly provide Bombardier aircraft for sale to anyone in need. From Learjet for sale, Challenger jets for sale, or a range of other impressive jets for sale (from renowned aircraft manufacturers) our jet brokers will help you find exactly what you require. To learn more about Bombardier or connect with a private jet dealer to chat about our planes for sale, give us a call today!

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