Aviation Broker: CFS Jets

CFS Jets is the leader in aviation brokerage. Leading sales as a Challenger Jet broker, the team at CFS Jets will inspect a Challenger Jet for sale or Learjet for sale. Always adding to their inventory for quick client sales, CFS Jets understands the responsibility of being a Learjet broker. Making a Learjet sale is more than just picking out a plane. Much research and due diligence goes into every Learjet sale, making sure it’s worthy of our clientele.

Learjet and Challenger Jets for Sale

Understanding the mechanics and automation behind each aircraft in their inventory, CFS Jets only considers stocking Learjet and Challenger Jets for sale if they are in top condition. Daily market research into Learjet sales keeps CFS Jets in the forefront of aviation sales. Clients trust CFS Jets’ stock of Challenger Jets for sale because they know each jet has been carefully inspected. Whether you want to find a 1989 Learjet for sale or a sleek 1992, 9 seat Challenger Jet for sale, CFS Jets has it or will acquire it for you, at the best price possible. Once they acquire the right airplane for you, they will assist you during the entire Learjet sale process, from offer to final closing sale.

Learjet for Sale

Bombardier Aircrafts

In business for more than 50 years, Bombardier Aircraft approaches construction of each airplane with a team of designers. Bombardier designs each aircraft with clients in mind, from the interior layout to the furniture installed and the fabrics used. This attention to detail is the reason CFS is happy to be a Learjet broker. When you find a Learjet for sale, you know you’ve found an aircraft made of quality. Not leaving their Challenger Jet behind, Bombardier stands behind all their aircrafts and are happy to partner with CFS as a Challenger Jet broker. The process begins with careful research and planning. Determining what is the best personal aircraft is the first place to start, be it a Learjet for sale, Challenger Jet, or any other brand or model.

Commercial and Private Jet Broker

Being a private jet broker is a title we take very seriously. We know the lives of our clients are at stake if an aircraft doesn’t meet safety standards. For this reason, our commercial and private jet brokers provide an on-site review of the aircraft and all its records before an offer is made and attend the pre-purchase inspection before final sale papers are signed. CFS Jets, airplane broker, provides personalized service to make the aircraft buying and selling process easy.