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When you are looking for a six passenger King Air for Sale, reach out to CFS Jets, the industry leader in aviation and jet brokerage. CEO and President Mitch McCune is an expert in King Air and Hawker Jets for sale. Flying since the age of 17, McCune understands the mechanics and aeronautics of jets, whether they are Hawker Jets for sale or King Air Jets for sale. Suitable as a personal jet or business jet, the King Air comes in tan leather with dual pull out tables, with aft storage and aft lavatory. It’s the perfect size personal or business jet for the CEO who needs to travel with staff.

A Hawker Jet for sale can vary in price, depending on mileage and year constructed. When looking for a Hawker Jet for sale, consider how far each can fly and does that match your needs? A Hawker 800XP has a maximum range of 2,900 miles. The Hawker 400XP has a top range of 1534 miles. Consult a CFS Jets expert to discuss which option is best for you.

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Buying a plane is a lengthy process and requires expert help. CFS Jets is the leading aviation brokerage firm in the industry. The staff at CFS Jets has experience and in-depth knowledge about buying and selling airplanes for personal or business use. Carrying the largest inventory of planes for sale, CFS Jets may already have the business jet or personal jet you desire, in stock. CFS Jets is a full-service aviation brokerage firm which means they will assist you from first contact to final sale. Along the way, the experts at CFS Jets will research market availability, inspect each plane being considered, offer recommendations, help negotiate price, coordinate sale documents and be there for the final sale.

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Beechcraft​ Aircrafts​ for Sale

Beechcraft Aircrafts was founded in 1932 in Wichita, Kansas by Walter and Olive Ann Beech. First constructing planes for private use, Beech became inundated with orders when World War II started. The company exploded with growth and provided employment to thousands while building over 7000 military planes. Once the war was over, Beech went back to building planes for the private sector. If you are interested in finding a Beechcraft aircraft for sale, start the aircraft acquisition process with CFS Jets today!

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Are you considering purchasing or selling your Beechcraft aircraft? Learn more about the most popular models produced by Beechcraft: