We attend all pre–purchase inspections and report all findings to our clients tin order to save them money, ensuring confidence in their investment.

In the purchase or sale of an aircraft, the pre-purchase inspection is one of the areas where costly oversights commonly occur. Transaction can also disintegrate at this stage.  Why? Most brokers aren’t willing to allocate the time and financial resources to attend the inspection, and they don’t have the experience and technical knowledge needed to identify and mitigate potential risks for their clients.

When CFS is on site, we facilitate a more complete and forward-thinking process.

At CFS, this is not the case. We go above and beyond industry standards to ensure our clients have all of the information needed to make educated decisions. Not only do we attend the pre-purchase inspection personally, but we also take the time to scrutinize and review the inspections, reporting the information to our clients, often saving them tens of thousands of dollars and ultimately protecting their investments.

There is no doubt that a thorough pre-purchase inspection eliminates questions about the overall condition and functionality of a potential purchase. It is crucial to have an advocate protect your interest in these situations. CFS has overseen hundreds of pre-buy inspections on a variety of aircrafts and to put it simply, we know what to look for.


We have long-standing relationships with a majority of factory facilities who are aware of our high expectations for examination, as well as our scrutiny of their billing process. Our reputation for client advocacy and protection is why so many Fortune 500 companies and clients utilize our services and return to us when they look to upgrade or sell their aircraft.

Pre–Purchase Inspection Accountability from CFS
  • Protect client investments
  • Value maintenance facility relationships
  • Require high standards for inspections
  • Execute thorough inspection procedures
  • Understand log compliance and standards
  • Provide expert airframe, engine, and avionics knowledge