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Aviation Experts

Full access to aviation experts and financial analysts for general consulting services and for ad hoc projects.

Quarterly Updates

Quarterly market updates including updated market values for aircraft.

Discounted Services

Discounts on transactional events such as acquisitions, dispositions and personnel placement.

We improve aviation operations through tailored services such as organization and flight department audits, IS-BAO registration and audits, pre-purchase inspection, training and compliance audits, factory QC monitoring and completion oversight.

CFS Jets’ team of experts have performed reviews and audits of flight departments over the entire North America. Our experts have managed flight departments from two aircraft to nine. They have led compliance efforts all the way to Level III IS-BAO and conducted audits of the same.

Our Team uses the IS-BAO framework for all of their work. And we can tailor your solution to use as little or as much of the framework as is required. The goal is to solve business effectiveness and safety problems before they occur.

IS-BAO builds on the excellent safety record already established in business aviation. The program centers on the Safety Management System (SMS) and leads the operator from establishing principles, to achieving an effective SMS, and eventually attaining a risk averse, generative safety culture.

Project Examples
  • Fleet Review
  • Safety Review
  • IS-BAO audit preparation
  • New aircraft OEM negotiation
  • Budget preparation/review
  • Aircraft upgrade review/evaluation
  • Appraisals

Fleet Review

Fleet Reviews consider your aircraft needs against evolving business markets. We prepare board-level presentations detailing financial, operational, market, tax and other issues to grow, reorganize, consolidate or downsize corporate flight departments.

IS-BAO Audit Preparation

When you want more than just a Safety review, we are here to help. You and your company have worked hard to prepare for your IS-BAO audit. Let our team of experts help you finish your preparation and do a dry run of the audit.

Safety Review

Our team will be on-site to review the safety culture and competency of your flight department. This includes a records check of maintenance and training. And most importantly, an assessment of the culture. Our decades of aviation experience means you will get an evaluation of the intangibles as well as the written records.

OEM Negotiation

Buying a new business jet is a complicated endeavor with many choices. Picking the right avionics and delivery timing choices is crucial to getting the best price. We’ll leave the colors and fabrics to you while we handle the technical details.


Our budgets are customized for your unique situation. Pilots, hangers and other fixed costs are unique to you. We then combine that with industry standards of maintenance and reserves to give you the most accurate budget forecast. These tools are also available to report on your spend in previous year and provide feedback on opportunities for improvement.

Aircraft Upgrades

In-flight entertainment, avionics, and other aircraft systems are constantly evolving. Upgrading your existing aircraft may be a more valuable option than buying another. We will evaluate the options and give you a cost/benefit analysis of upgrading vs replacement.