David Monacell |Executive VP

David MonacellEmail: dm@cfsjets.com
Cell No: (704) 936-8195

David Monacell has over 15 years of private aviation sales experience. Throughout his career, he has held senior sales positions for both manufacturers and dealers representing multiple product lines. David’s areas of expertise include jet and turboprop transactions both domestic and international, as well as leasing, management, and acquisition services.

David’s diverse background offers a unique perspective to his clients who benefit from his industry knowledge and experience with a variety of financing and transaction types. Instilled with a strong work ethic and a commitment to “treat others as he would like to be treated”, it did not take David long to earn the trust and loyalty of his customers. He is proud to be known for his integrity and genuine enthusiasm for helping both sellers and buyers realize their objectives.

David enjoys cooperating with fellow brokers and manufacturer representatives, and has built an extensive network of contacts. He has been, and will continue to be, an active buyer in the market, focusing on passing along this tremendous value to his clients.

David has taken on a number of challenges in his career, successfully opening an OEM’s regional sales branch, and founding a turbo prop and jet division for a now prominent dealer. In previous positions, his addition more than tripled sales in national and multi-national markets and looks forward to playing a key role in extending the reach of Corporate Fleet Services.

David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Science from the University of North Dakota and is a passionate pilot with over 2000 hours flight time. In addition to being qualified a large variety of turboprops, he has numerous hours in the Citation family of products and a SIC type-rating in the BE-400. He is a member of NBAA, the Float Plane Association, AOPA, CJP, and countless other acronyms, but most importantly he’ll be a trusted member of your team when it comes time to buy or sell your next aircraft.