Cell No: (704) 936-8195

David Monacell has over 20 years of private aviation sales experience and he has been a with CFS Jets since 2013.  Throughout his career, he has held senior sales positions for both manufacturers and dealers representing multiple new product lines.  David has a high level of expertise in every private aviation market segment, and he is very well versed in both domestic and international transactions.

David’s diverse background offers a unique perspective to his clients and sales team who benefit from his industry knowledge and experience.  He is proud to be known for his honesty, integrity, and his strong work ethic.

David enjoys cooperating with fellow broker/dealers, manufacturer representatives, and financial institutions and has built and extensive network of contacts.  He has been, and will continue to be an active buyer in the market focusing on passing along tremendous value to his clients.

David has been successful in a number of challenges during his career, successfully opening an OEM’s regional sales location, founding a turboprop/jet sales division for a now prominent dealer, leading CFS through a business acquisition, and has helped grow CFS into becoming one of the leading aircraft dealers in the world.

David holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of North Dakota, and still enjoys flying.  He has over 2500 flight hours and is typed in the Citation Mustang, and BE-400.  He recently served on the Board of Directors for IADA(International Aircraft Dealers Association), and most importantly he’ll be a trusted member of your team when it comes time to buy or sell your next aircraft.