Corporate Aircraft for Sale, Business Planes for Sale, Jet Aircraft Sales

Owning a private aircraft means owning a piece of the sky. With the full freedom to go where you want, when you want, private jets offer owners a vast range of benefits.

While there are many appealing benefits to owning private aircraft, there are several practical advantages for corporations and individuals who are constantly traveling for business. With time-saving and cost-saving advantages, purchasing corporate aircraft is a good idea if you rely on travel for work.

Corporate Aircraft for Sale, Business Planes for Sale, Jet Aircraft SalesHowever, having full ownership over corporate aircraft means that you have the full financial responsibility to keep your private aircraft stored, maintained, and operated. If you’re not ready to be a full-time owner of corporate aircraft, don’t worry, there are other ownership options!

  • Charters – Using a corporate aircraft as a charter gives you ownership for the duration of your trip, without the long-term financial responsibility.
  • Fractional Ownership – Fractional ownership options split aircraft between a group of owners, which means that expenses get split too! However, this option typically comes with limited flight hours.
  • Shared Ownership -Shared ownership looks a lot like fractional ownership, but with more benefits. If you travel a lot then this is probably the best option for you.

At CFS Jets we are proud to provide our clients with a vast range of corporate aircraft for sale. With nearly four decades of experience and a comprehensive understanding of the private aircraft market, we work with you, your budget, and your requirements to find the right corporate aircraft to meet your specific needs. Using our relationships with the world’s largest financial institutions we back our clients with the financial force, business know-how, and international connections in order to streamline the aircraft sales/acquisitions process.

With an impressive inventory of corporate aircraft for sale, we connect you with private aircraft solutions that match your unique specifications. Call us today at (704) 359-0007 for more info on corporate aircraft!