Airplanes for Sale, Planes for Sale, Private Planes for Sale, Jet Sales

When it comes to private aircraft sales and purchases, you need someone in your corner that you can trust! At CFS Jets our brokers work on your behalf to not only find you the best airplanes for sale, but offer you the unparalleled service you deserve during the process.

Airplanes for Sale, Planes for Sale, Private Planes for Sale, Jet SalesFive of our most important airplane broker services include:

  • Aircraft Listing Service – We offer listing services that stay ahead of market trends to ensure successful transactions.
  • Aircraft Acquisition Services – At CFS Jets, we’re here for you every step of the way, helping you navigate the complicated world of aircraft acquisitions.
  • Purchases – We buy private jets! We understand that it can be complicated to sell private aircraft, so we eliminate the burden by taking your private jet off your hands.
  • International Sales – Not only do we provide private jet sales & acquisitions services to the USA, but all over the globe!
  • Short Term Leasing – Not ready to take the plunge a purchase a private plane? We offer short term leasing services.

At CFS Jets we understand that providing our clients with unmatched customer service is an essential part of successful aircraft transactions. This unmatched service plus an extensive inventory of quality airplanes for sale, sets us apart as one of the best private aircraft sales and acquisitions companies on the globe. With turnaround times of less than 90 days, we ensure seamless private aircraft transactions for our international client base no matter where in the world they may be.

In addition to having a reputation for excellence that precedes us, we have over 35 years of experience staying current on the latest technologies and trends in private aircraft transactions, enabling us to help our clients get the most from their investments. Contact us today to inquire about our private airplanes for sale, and/or chat with us about putting your private aircraft on the market!