Jet for Sale on Runway

There are many reasons why you or your business are considering purchasing a private aircraft. Not only can having your private aircraft make your life and business easier, but some private aircraft increase in value overtime, leaving you with excellent ROI (return on investment).

Jet for Sale on RunwayHowever, before you jump in and start looking for private jets for sale, we urge you to explore these four considerations beforehand:

  • Budget – You need to decide ahead of time what you are willing to spend on your new private aircraft. You must also consider the following costs such as maintenance costs, operation costs, replacement parts, fuel, and more.
  • New vs. Used – If you are on a budget, then it may be beneficial for you to investigate used jets for sale.
  • Usage Profile – You need to understand aircraft usage requirements before making a purchase. This may include availability of airports, flight loading, average trip distance, and other important factors.
  • Aircraft Hangar – Before purchasing your new jet you should confirm your primary hangar and maintenance base for your aircraft.

At CFS Jets we are proud to offer a wide selection of private jets for sale. Priding ourselves on our impressive inventory of quality aircraft, our private aircraft brokers present you with several different private aircraft options that not only meet your needs and budget but exceed your expectations. With a range of reputable brands in our inventory, such as Cessnas, Bombardiers, Gulfstreams, and more, we can meet any private aircraft want, need, or desire.

More than helping you find the ideal private jet for sale; we go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction by handling all the complicated aspects of private aircraft sales and acquisitions. By handling contracting and due diligence we get you in your new private aircraft in three months or less. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our private jets for sale!