Legacy Jet for Sale, Learjet for Sale, and Phenom Jet for Sale

Whether you’re a private jet enthusiast or not, it’s no secret that the 2016 Embraer Legacy 450 is quality. At one glance you can see that its sleek look and luxurious interior are ideal for cruising through the sky with style. In addition to its impressive interior, the 2016 Embraer Legacy jet for sale has various attractive avionic features that are sure to impress private aircraft buyers.

Legacy Jet for Sale, Learjet for Sale, and Phenom Jet for SaleAt CFS Jets, we have one impressive 2016 Embraer Legacy jet for sale that stands out in our inventory. From avionic features, maintenance upkeep, and interior details, this 2016 Embraer Legacy 450 deserves a second glance from all private aircraft buyers.

  • Avionics Features – This Legacy jet lives up to its name with auto breaks, a synthetic sision system (SVS), Dual Collins TDR-94D transponders, DataLink graphical weather metrics and so much more! As a newer model, these updated and impressive features will last for years to come.
  • Maintenance Upkeep – The upkeep of all of our private jets varies. Some of our jets have received the attention and maintenance to keep them in prime condition, which is the case with this Legacy jet for sale. This 2016 Embraer 450 is set up for success with pending factory service dates in the year to come, ensuring that this jet is in top condition for flight.
  • Interior Details – You can’t go wrong with the attractive interior of this jet. With six setting options and forward-facing chairs, you can fly comfortably cross-country and across the globe.

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