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Aviation Sales, Aircraft Sales, Airplanes for Sale, Aviation Broker It’s no secret that popular airline companies have been struggling to maintain their financial position during the Coronavirus pandemic. With the closing of borders and the constant changing of flight schedules, travelers find themselves frustrated with air traveling conditions, and commercial airlines find themselves in a rut.

In recent months, the crippled airline industry has received billions of dollars in bailouts to keep afloat, but that still hasn’t been enough for certain airlines that have gone under. Several airlines have declared bankruptcy and other commercial airlines have closed down altogether. While the future of air travel is up in the air, private jet owners enjoy more freedom than travelers using commercial airlines for national and international flights. It’s no wonder why aviation sales have remained strong.

As popular airlines have taken a hit, aviation sales and acquisitions have remained consistent through the Coronavirus pandemic. With social distancing regulations in place, private aircraft owners enjoy personalized transportation in private terminals, making private aircraft invaluable for individuals who rely on air travel to accommodate their lifestyle.

For individuals on the fence about buying a private aircraft, the pandemic has made the decision for them, making private aircraft ownership more attractive now than ever before. The bottom line, owning your own private airplane can help you regain your travel freedoms and stay safe from health threats caused by the Coronavirus.

At CFS Jets, we accommodate private jet buyers and sellers with professional broker services that seek to help all parties get the best deal. With a history of excellence dating back to 1984, we have over three decades of experience in aviation sales and leases. Working closely with you to gauge your needs and desires, it’s our pleasure to provide you with a selection of aircraft options for your budget. Contact us today to chat about your private aircraft needs.