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Purchasing a private aircraft is the dream of many. But with the recent outbreak of the COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, purchasing a private jet may be more of a necessity than a distant dream.

Jets for Sale, Aircraft Sales, Aviation Sales, and Private Jets for SaleBut before you go and purchase just any private jet for sale, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Assessing your needs will help you pinpoint exactly what kind of jet fits your wants, needs, and desires. Check out this list of questions to ask yourself before purchasing a private aircraft or jet.

  • Should I buy a used jet?

Many private jet owners buy second-hand jets as their first private aircraft purchase. Used jets for sale can actually be more affordable than brand new jets, but you want to be cautious and conduct good research when it comes to the manufacturer.

  • Should I lease my jet for charter flights?

Leasing your jet for charter flights can mean extra cash in your pocket when you’re jet isn’t taking you on exotic vacations or international work trips. However, leasing your jet for charter flights can mean more maintenance expenses for you out of pocket. You’ll want to seriously consider if it’s right for you to lease out your private aircraft.

  • What evaluations should I make before purchasing a private jet?

Authorized professionals should examine your potential jet before you make a purchase. These professional examinations can ensure that your perspective jet is not damaged or in need of major repairs that can cause a headache for you down the line.

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