Exterior of a Pilatus for Sale

When you are purchasing a private aircraft, either for the first time or to add to your collection, you deserve to get the most from your investment. That is why selecting the right private aircraft to fit your needs is so important.

Just like shopping for a home, your new private aircraft needs to check all of your boxes in order to fit well into your lifestyle!

Known for its economy, comfort, and versatility, the PC-24 Pilatus is an extremely versatile, private aircraft choice, that makes for an ideal fit for many different buyers.

Here is why the Pilatus for sale is such a popular private aircraft option:

  • Off-Road-Capabilities

Exterior of a Pilatus for SaleThis Pilatus jet is known for its off-roader ability to land on almost any terrain including pavement, grass, or even unpaved gravel.

  • Fully Customizable

One of the most attractive features of the PC-24 Pilatus is its ability to reconfigure while in flight. If you need more space while you’re in the air, no problem, just move your cabin around so you can get the space you need.

  • Advanced Features

Since its inception in 2018, the PC-24 has been known as the most advanced and versatile light jet on the market! With a range of 2,035 nautical miles and cruise speeds of 500 miles per hour, you can get where you need to go quickly in luxury and style!

At CFS Jets we have an impressive PC-24 Pilatus for sale. As one of the most sought-after private aircraft on the market, we help you get the most from your private jet investment by going above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction during each step of the acquisitions process. From contracting, due diligence, to pre-purchase inspections and more, we make the process of national and international aircraft sales and acquisitions hassle-free for all parties involved.

Since 1984 we have been the number one choice for private aircraft transactions for an international clientele. Our team is not only highly trained, but passionate about helping our clients get the most from their investments, whether they are buying, selling, or leasing.  Contact us today to learn more about our Pilatus for sale and other aircraft options!