Citation CJ4 for Sale, Citation CJ2 for Sale, and Citation CJ3 for Sale

In terms of quality aircraft, there’s no question that Cessna goes above and beyond to provide private aircraft buyers with impressive jet models at great rates. However, there is a Cessna model that outshines the rest: Citation CJ4.

Citation CJ4 for Sale, Citation CJ2 for Sale, and Citation CJ3 for SaleWhether you’re already looking for a Citation CJ4 for sale, or you’re just exploring your options, here are 3 reasons why this Cessna jet might be right for you:

  • Performance – What sets the CJ4 out from the crowd is its optimal performance. With a full load of fuel, and 5 occupants, this model can fly at 1,926 nm (NBAA IFR range, 100 nm alternate) while at high-speed cruise. If you’re looking for height and distance, this model is ideal for you.
  • Simplicity – From runway performance to simple avionic features, this Citation is not armed with modern and complex Garmin avionics like other Citation models, giving pilots an old-school and simple flight function that purists can appreciate. If you’re a pilot looking for a classic ride, then you should look for a Citation CJ4s for sale.
  • Luxury – Just because the Citation CJ4 embodies simplicity doesn’t mean that it’s not a luxurious investment. Its spacious layout, 11 passenger capacity, and couch seating options take comfort to the next level, giving you and your passengers a smooth ride that you’ll enjoy.

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