Phenom Jet for Sale, Hawker Jet for Sale, and Learjet for Sale

Phenom Jet for Sale, Hawker Jet for Sale, and Learjet for Sale For years, Phenom has been a popular aircraft choice for buyers looking for class, diversity, and quality private aircraft engineering. From first time buyers to aircraft owners looking to add to their collection, these Embraer models are making waves in the private aircraft industry as the best lightweight aircraft for personal use, and here’s why:

  • Diversity – Phenom jets come in a range of styles, colors, finishes, and models to fit your various needs. From the Phenom 100EV, Phenom 300E, 500 & 600 models, there’s a Phenom model for all your requirements.
  • Experience – Embraer Phenom models are the optimal executive jet choice that offers pilots a singular, and exhilarating flying experience. With the 300EV model equipped with overrun awareness and alerting systems, Phenom is a leader in the flying experience.
  • Engineering – The mission of Embraer has been, and will continue to be geared towards revolutionizing aircraft engineering. With a team of the most innovative engineers in their corner, Embraer goes above and beyond to continually improve Phenom models for your benefit.
  • Luxury – Although small, Phenom aircraft are packed full of comfortable and luxurious features that take class to the next level. From leather seething, executive tables, and plenty of cabin space, Phenom jets for sale are ideal for the aircraft buyer looking to impress.

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