Best Business Jet, Business Planes for Sale, Corporate Aircraft Sales

Business jets are best used to transport small groups of people. Whether for international or national travel, business jets encompass a wide variety of private jet models, styles, and sizes.

While generally used for business purposes, business jets don’t necessarily need to be utilized by companies or business sharks for you to enjoy your business aircraft.

Best Business Jet, Business Planes for Sale, Corporate Aircraft Sales No matter if you’re looking for a business jet for your next business trip or a new private aircraft for family vacations, there are a few business jet manufacturers that outshine the competition in luxury, style, and engineering.

  • Cessna

If you’re looking for all-American manufacturing, then Cessna is the way to go. As an expansion of Textron Aviation, Cessna has a reputation for building quality aircraft dating back to 1927. Cessna business jets are ideal for corporate, private, and charter air travel.

  • Beechcraft

Beechcraft is another American manufacturer out of Wichita, Kansas. Beechcraft covers all the basis with jet models that range from military trainers, twin-engined turboprop transports, and business jets.

  • Gulfstream

Since 1958, Gulfstream has produced over 2,000 models of quality aircraft, including a range of business jets. From designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and more, Gulfstream is one of the supreme private aircraft manufactures, producing some of the best business jets on the market.

At CFS Jets we have a vast inventory of the best business jets on the market, including Cessna, Beechcraft, and Gulfstream models. Understanding that business aircraft is an important investment for you and your business, we do our part to arm you with the knowledge needed to smart directions when purchasing the best business jet for your needs.

With nearly four decades of experience and a passion for private aircraft, we are the trusted choice for private aircraft sales and acquisitions all around the nation. Call us today to chat with an experienced broker about your business jet needs.