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There’s nothing like the feeling of taking your new private aircraft out for a fly. Whether you’re headed across the pond or across the world, the freedom that comes with owning your own aircraft is an indescribable sensation.

However, aircraft sales can be a difficult terrain to navigate, and if you’re not an expert, then it can be dangerous. Hiring a private aircraft broker to assist you with aircraft sales can ensure that your transaction goes off without a hitch.

Here are the pros and cons of hiring a private aircraft broker for aircraft sales:

Aircraft Sales, Aircraft Broker, Aviation Sales, and Aviation BrokerPros

The pros of hiring a good aircraft broker far outweigh the cons. For starters, aircraft brokers have experience that can aid you in buying and selling private jets. This experience and knowledge are necessary to get the best possible deal out of your transaction.

Private aircraft brokers also have the transactional skills required to navigate the various aspects of sales including financing, contracting, price negotiations, tax considerations, and more!


While good aircraft brokers are an invaluable asset, one rotten apple can spoil the barrel. If you hire an inexperienced aircraft broker to handle your aircraft sale, then you may be left in a bind. Make sure that you do your homework before hiring a broker and always check for references.

At CFS Jets we are proud to offer our buyers and sellers professional aircraft sales and acquisitions services. Handling the various aspects of private aircraft transactions, we use our strong relationships with financial institutions to inventory aircraft and make the selling and acquiring of private aircraft hassle-free for our clients.

Whether you’re purchasing your first aircraft, or adding another propeller to your collection, we’re here to ensure that you receive the most efficient and professional service available. To inquire about our aircrafts for sale, contact us today!