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When buying your first personal aircraft there are a lot of things to consider. From safety score to cost and everything in-between, you need to do your homework to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Best Personal Aircraft, Aircraft Sales, Airplanes for Sale, Aviation SalesWhether you’re fed up with commercial airlines or you’re searching for business aircraft for your corporation, you should consider the following private airplane models that are considered some of the best private aircraft on the market:

  • 199 Pilatus PC-12/45 – This single-engine aircraft may not look like much, but it’s unparalleled in safety–ideal for the aspiring pilot!
  • 2016 Embraer Legacy 450 – Just like its name, this modern jet carries on a legacy for speed, safety, and class.
  • 1996 Learjet 31A – This twin-engine high-speed business jet combines the engine power of the 35/36 with the longhorn wing style of 55 models.
  • 2001 Gulfstream G100 – This unique mid-size jet is one of only 22 G100 models produced from 2001-2006–there is nothing else like it!
  • 1975 King Air 200 – When considering the best personal aircraft you can’t forget about the King Air, which combines reliability with versatility.

At CFS Jets we are dedicated to helping you find the best personal aircraft for your needs. Whether you’re purchasing a private aircraft for the first time or you’re adding another jet to your collection, we assist you in all aspects of private jet acquisitions, so you get the most out of your investment.

With a legacy of excellence dating back to 1984, we’re internationally recognized for our quick turnaround times and inventory of the most sought-after private aircraft on the market. Carrying the best brands in private aircraft, we are proud to help you take to the sky in your new jet. Call us today at 704-359-0007 for more information about the best personal aircraft on the market!