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If you’re a pilot and/or an aspiring pilot, then you know that many flight schools use the Cessna 172 Skyhawk for training. But with so many great lightweight aircraft out there, you might be wondering why this Cessna Jet is the preferred choice for pilot training?

Cessna for Sale, Cessna Aircraft for Sale, and Cessna Jet BrokerWell for starters, the 172 is called the “most produced aircraft ever”. First in production during the 1950s these training jets are reliable, stable, and equipped with tricycle gear, which makes learning to fly a lot easier for beginner pilots.

In addition to its three-wheel design, this small aircraft has its wings strategically placed above the fuselage, offering pilots better visibility. This increased visibility is ideal for beginners learning their way around the sky.

It’s this combination of stability and visibility that makes the Cessna 172 ideal for new pilots.

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