King Air for Sale, King Air 250 for Sale, and King Air 350ER for Sale

Good news! We’ve got a 1975 King Air for sale, and it does not disappoint! Produced only 11 years after the first-ever King Air model, our 1975 King Air 200 is one of the first of its kind, ideal for buyers that appreciate classic charm.

Originally built as a utility aircraft, this King Air for sale can accommodate all your needs. Whether you’re searching to transport goods, take your family on a vacation, or carry a large load of passengers, it’s all possible with the 1975 King Air 200.

Here’s what makes this Beechcraft model a great personal aircraft:


King Air for Sale, King Air 250 for Sale, and King Air 350ER for SaleWhen it comes to performance this King Air does not disappoint!

  • 2 x 850 horsepower
  • 272 KIAS cruise speed
  • 1,942 FT take-off distances
  • 5 GPH fuel burn
  • 12,500 lbs. gross weight


Although an old-school model, this 1975 King Air 200 is still packed full of classic style.

  • Regal blue leather interior
  • Cherry laminate cabinets
  • Belted Aft Lavatory Seat
  • Custom vinyl floor runner
  • Custom cargo curtains


In addition to style and performance, this model comes equipped with a range of avionic features including:

  • Avidyne Flightmax 850 MFD
  • BFGoodrich WX-500
  • BFGoodrich Skywatch SKY-497
  • Sperry Autopilot, and more!

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