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Whether you are making the decision to buy or sell a private aircraft, one thing’s for sure, you need to hire a private aircraft broker! Private aircraft brokers labor with your best interests at heart to help you find and/or sell private aircraft. By getting to know you personally and gauging your desires, aircraft brokers have a responsibility to put your needs first.

Best Personal Aircraft, Aircraft Sales, Aviation Sales, Planes for SaleUnfortunately, not all private aircraft companies are the same. With so many aircraft brokers claiming to be number one, not every private jet company delivers on their promise.

At CFS Jets we deliver on our promise to be the best personal aircraft company, and here’s why:

  • Experience – CFS Jets has over 35 years of experience serving private aircraft sellers and buyers from all over the world. With continued education in the best practices in private aircraft, our brokers stay up to date to bring you optimal services that outweigh our competitors.
  • Relationships – Over the years we’ve maintained strong relationships with the world’s largest financial institutions, giving us an edge on the competition when it comes to aircraft sales and acquisitions.
  • Efficiency – At CFS Jets we go above and beyond in aspects of due diligence and marketing knowledge to bring our clients quick sales turnaround times in an average of less than 90 days, making us the best personal aircraft company for buyers who want to take to the sky right away.

At CFS Jets we provide our clients with outstanding and unmatched customer service. Walking with you every step of the way, our brokers don’t beat around the bush when it comes to assisting you with your private aircraft needs.

Armed with ample knowledge of the aircraft market we help you decide the best time to buy and sell your aircraft, so you get the most out of your sale. As the best personal aircraft sales and acquisition company in the nation, we uphold the highest standard of professionalism in all interactions. Contact us today to chat about your private aircraft news.