Citation CJ3+ for Sale, Citation CJ2 for Sale, Citation CJ4 for Sale

If you are looking for a great private aircraft for personal and/or business use, then the Cessna Citation CJ3+ is a great choice. While all Cessna jets make a great option for aircraft owners, the Citation CJ3+ for sale stands out amongst the others with unique features that will have potential buyers ready to purchase.

Citation CJ3+ for Sale, Citation CJ2 for Sale, Citation CJ4 for Sale The Citation CJ3+ is a great choice for private aircraft buyers searching for their own quality aircraft, and here’s why:

  • The flight deck power by GARMIN G3000 avionics makes flight smooth and carefree
  • The Citation CJ3+ for sale gives buyers ample seating options up to 9 passengers
  • The Citation CJ3+ has up to 1,000 pounds of luggage space so you and your guests never lack cargo space for those long business trips and/or vacations
  • This Citation model has a fresh and innovative air system to keep cabin air clean and bacteria-free
  • The unique wing design of the CJ3+ is an aerodynamic beauty that produces more lift with less drag
  • The Citation CJ3+ is available in various textures, colors, and finishes for a custom look of your preference
  • The CJ3+ is equipped with a fully digital autopilot system

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