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When it comes to purchasing a private jet for personal or business use, there are several factors that you need to consider. Not only do you need a practical and cost-friendly jet to get you from point A to point B, but you want to look good and feel good while doing. CFS Jets has an impressive inventory of private aircraft for all budgets, needs, and wants. Amongst that inventory is a challenger jet for sale that is set apart from the rest due to its impressive features.


Challenger Jet for Sale, Cirrus Jet for Sale, and Citation Jets for SaleThe 1992 Challenger Jet 601-3A/ER has impressive avionic features that are sure to impress buyers. Not only are Challenger jets built for smooth flying, but they’re also created with attention to detail that takes them further and makes them an attractive private aircraft option. This Challenger jet for sale is built for efficiency with features such as:

  • Dual Collins VIR-32 Navs with FM Immunity
  • EDZ-815 EFIS with MFD
  • 406 MHZ ELT with GPS Position
  • Triple Honeywell Laseref II IRS
  • RVSM Certified, and more!


The 1992 Challenger Jet 601-3A/ER from CFS jets has undergone extensive maintenance options to ensure that this private Challenger jet for sale is in pristine condition for flight. The maintenance for this Challenger jet includes:

  • 12/24 Month Inspection c/w December 2018
  • 36/48/60 Month Inspections c/w 2016
  • APU 2,100 HR/Turbine/Comp Rotor Inspection c/w @ 5,277 APU Hours


This Challenger jet for sale not only is built for function, but for comfort and style. The exterior is not the only thing that’s in good shape. The 1992 Challenger Jet 601-3A/ER is equipped with impressive interior details:

  • Four place club seating
  • New cabin soundproofing insulation
  • TIA microwave and oven
  • Toshiba DVD players
  • LED lighting, and more!

At CFS Jets we offer challenger jets for sale that are affordable, efficient, and attractive. Working with your needs and wants, our airline brokers are equipped with the tools and expertise needed to get the most out of your private jet purchase. If you or someone you know is looking for a quality challenger jet for sale look no further than CFS Jets! Contact us today!