Volunteer Owners/Pilots Needed for Textron’s 2022 Special Olympics Airlift

When it comes to jet sales, you need an experienced professional in your corner–that’s where private jet brokers come in! Private jet brokers have the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to facilitate seamless private aircraft sales and acquisitions for both buyers and sellers.Challenger 350 Jet Sales

But you may be wondering, what else do private jet brokers do? How do they ensure seamless transitions? Here are three things that you may be surprised to hear that private jet brokers do:

  • Aircraft Listing Services – Are you looking to sell your private jet, but don’t know where to begin? Private jet brokers offer private aircraft listing services to make your aircraft more visible to potential buyers. With an understanding of the market, brokers have the knowledge and tools needed to market your private jet.
  • Professional Comparisons – One of the most complicated aspects of purchasing a private aircraft is conducting analysis and research to compare private jets. When you hire a broker, this step is taken care of for you!
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections – Before you purchase a private aircraft you need to have a pre-purchase inspection conducted to identify and mitigate potential risks. Private jet brokers facilitate these inspections to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment.

At CFS Jets we proudly offer our clients a range of jet sales and acquisitions services. Serving both clients throughout the USA and international clients, our team of skilled aircraft brokers goes above and beyond to offer you the unparalleled service you deserve. Ensuring that all involved parties get the most for their investment, we take a strategic approach to jet sales and acquisitions that’s proven so successful that our turnaround are an average of 90 days or less! From contracting, due diligence, negotiations, pre-purchase inspections, and so much more, we’re here to make the jet sales process easy on our clients.

With experience in private international aircraft sales dating back to 1984, we have gained a reputation for meeting our clients’ needs and surpassing our clients’ expectations. Looking for a trusted ally in jet sales? Look no further! Contact us today to learn more about our jet sales and acquisitions services.