Learjet 45 for sale

Do you have a model 45 Learjet for sale that you’re looking to get off your hands? If so, we’ll take it! As an attractive medium-sized corporate aircraft, the Learjet 45 makes for an extremely attractive private jet option for corporate and/or personal use. Don’t believe us? Here are some reasons why we are seeking to inventory your 45 Learjet for sale:


Did you know that the Learjet 45 was the first new aircraft design that Bombardier released after the model 23? As the second ever aircraft model designed by Bombardier, the Learjet 45 has many of the traditional features of their original model.


If you have got your hands on a Learjet, then you’ve got your hands on a sought-after private aircraft. With just over 200 still in operation, and of that approximately 10% on the market, Learjets are not always the easiest aircraft to come by. If you’re looking to get your Learjet off your hands, we will gladly take it!


Learjet 45 for Sale

The Learjet 45 is the definition of performance, equipped with:

  • 2800 fpm Rate of Climb
  • 590 fpm Climb Rate One Engine Inop
  • 465 kts Max Speed
  • 436 kts Normal Cruise
  • 416 kts Economy Cruise

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