Legacy jet for sale

At CFS Jets we are constantly looking to inventory the best private aircraft on the market, which is why we are in search of Legacy jets for sale. As one of the most sought-after private aircraft on the market, Legacy jets provide a range of benefits that make this private aircraft the best choice for first time buyers and seasoned private jet collectors.

Legacy Jet for Sale

Here are the three top reasons why Legacy jets for sale do not stay in our inventory for long:

  • Legacy Jets are Heavy – Did you know that heavy private aircraft can go farther and longer than lightweight jets? This means that Legacy jets can take you wherever in the world you need to go without the need to constantly refuel.
  • Legacy Jets are Luxurious – Legacy jets are unmatched when it comes to luxury. With large cabin sizes and spacious bathrooms, you and your guest can enjoy comfortable worldwide travel.
  • Legacy Jets are Economical – These Embraer jets can take on large loads of luggage and passengers for long trips. When you’re flying Legacy, you’re getting the most for your buck!

At CFS Jets we are seeking Legacy jets for sale. With experience in private jet acquisitions and sales dating back to the early 1980’s, we have decades of practice helping our clients get the most out of their private aircraft transactions. Whether you are buying or selling, we work with you and use our connections to ensure seamless private jet transactions that satisfy all parties. From handling all aspects of due diligence, contracting & closing, consulting, short term leasing, and so much more, we are your one-stop-shop for all your private aircraft needs.

In addition to providing a vast range of services, we are also dedicated to offering you an unmatched service experience, putting your needs first to ensure successful and satisfying transactions. Have a Legacy jet for sale? Get in touch with us today to get it off your hands!