King Air C90b

Maybe you spent hours online searching for the right King Air for sale. Maybe you bought the Gulfstream of your dreams and now your aircraft is no longer meeting your needs. Maybe your current private aircraft is your first jet purchase.

King Air C90b for SaleNo matter the circumstances, there comes a time when you are ready to move on. Perhaps you are no longer interested in owning private aircraft or you are searching for something bigger and better. Either way, there are a few common signs that it is time to sell your private aircraft.

  • Frequent Maintenance – Have you noticed that your private aircraft is in for maintenance more than 50% of the time that you need it? It may be time to invest in something newer.
  • Financial Changes – Have you recently had a significant income change? Whether you got a huge raise or you are experiencing financial loss, it may be time to sell.
  • Mission Changes – Over time your goals will change, and your aircraft will often change with it. Are you more interested in family vacations than corporate trips? Do you need something bigger? Whatever the change, it may be time to trade in.

At CFS Jets we are passionate about helping our clients find the right private aircraft for their budget and needs. With a wide range of private aircraft in our inventory, we have exactly what you are searching for—and even if we do not, we will find it for you! Looking for a particular model of King Air for sale? Need help with marketing your private aircraft? Whatever the need, wherever you are, we are here to help you get the most from your private aircraft investment. We are also accredited dealers with the International Aircraft Dealers Association, meaning, we provide private jet broker services to an international audience.

Looking to put up your King Air for sale? We will help you sell it. Contact us to inquire about our sales and acquisitions services.