When it comes to the ideal corporate aircraft for your business, there is no better choice than the King Air 350i. A Beechcraft legend, the King Air 350i for sale is amongst the most sought-after private aircraft on the market. But it is not just because of their performance, which includes a range of 1,806 nm and speed of 312 ktas.

King Air 350i for Sale on Runway The advanced design features of the King Air 350i make it one of the most sophisticated aircraft of its time. Here are some of the features of this show-stopping corporate aircraft:

  • Propellers Built for Performance – The King Air 350i propellers are fully reversible, offering constant speed.
  • Soundproof Cabin – This corporate aircraft is equipped with noise-canceling technology so you can converse easily within the cabin.
  • Expanded Storage – This corporate plane carries all your luggage with a large internal baggage space.
  • Rugged Landing Gear – Take off and land with ease, even on unpaved runways, with the King Air 350i.

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