All-Female Pilot Team From Indiana State Soared Into 2nd Place at a National All-Women's Airplane Race

National All-Women’s Airplane Race Bodes Well For Future of Females in Aviation

On June 28, an Indiana State University team finished second overall in a national all-women’s airplane race, a four-day competition geared toward promoting the legacy of pioneering females in aviation. Lydia Kost, Kayleigh Bordner and MiJin “Jean” Kim returned to Terre Haute Monday after accepting their medals in the Air Race Classic 2016. It was ISU’s first top-10 overall finish since 2010.

Solar and Electric Planes on the Horizon

Business Aviation Implementing Renewable Energy

Solar Impulse is altering the way we fly, as we speak. The next decade could be bringing with it monumental change to the aviation industry. In the heart of aviation’s birthplace, the visionary behind the history-making solar airplane that stopped in Dayton on an around-the-word trek said electric planes will be in commercial use within a decade.