Equipment Specs

Manufacturer Cessna
Model Citation CJ2
Max. Occupants 8
Max. Cruise Speed 413 ktas (765 km/h)
Max. Range 1,530 nm (2,834 km)
Max. Operating Altitude 45,000 ft (13,716 m)
Wingspan 49 ft 10 in
Max Aircraft Length 47 ft 8 in
Max Tail Height 13 ft 8 in

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Additional Specifications
Cost Summary

These numbers are derived assuming 200 annual hours and a fuel price of $4.25 / GAL

Average Pre-Owned Price
Annual Budget
Variable Cost

FUEL (GAL): $0

Fixed Cost

CREW EXPENSE: $253,759
HANGAR: $30,545
INSURANCE: $14,616

Standard Avionics
  • 3-Tube Collins Pro-Line 21 EFIS
  • Dual Garmin GTN-750 COM/NAV/WAAS GPS w/JetTech STC w/Shadin Fuel Computer and Fully Coupled LPV Approach
  • Garmin GDL-69 XM Satellite Data Link
  • Rockwell Collins ADC-3000 Autopilot
  • Garmin GMA35C Remote Bluetooth Audio Panel
  • Honeywell Mark VIII EGPWS
  • Rockwell Collins ALT-55 Radio Altimeter
  • L3 FA2100 Cockpit Voice Recorder
  • AOA Indexer – Pilots Angle of Attack Indicator
  • Garmin GTX-345 ADS-B In/Out Remote Transponder
  • Garmin GTX-335 ADS-B Out Transponder
  • Skywatch HP TRC-899 TCAS I
  • Rockwell Collins RTA-800 Weather Radar
  • Aircell ST3100 SATCOM
  • Airtex 110-4 ELT
  • Safe Flight N1 Computer
  • Cockpit Speaker Mute Switch
  • HF Radio Provision Option

Internal Dimensions:

  • Length: 18 ft 6 in (5.64 m)
  • Width: 4 ft 10 in (1.47 m)
  • Height: 4 ft 9 in (1.45 m)

Color Options:

Bisque, French Roast, Glacier, Jet Black, Silver Mirage, Toffee


External Dimensions:

  • Wingspan of 49 ft 10 in (15.19 m)
  • Max Aircraft Length of 47 ft 8 in (14.53 m)
  • Max Tail Height of 13 ft 8 in (4.17 m)


  • Max Takeoff Weight of 12,375 lbs (6,291 kg)
  • Basic Operating Weight of 7,900 lbs (3,874 kg)

The Cessna Citation CJ2 aircraft was produced from 2000 to 2006. Part of the Citation family, the CJ2 is one of three in the Model 525A variant, along with the CJ2+, and CJ2+ Alpine Edition. The CitationJet C2+ is the upgraded version of the CJ2. This aircraft was a 5-foot stretch of the CJ1 and is powered by Williams FJ44-2C turbofans. The CJ2 can be quite fuel-efficient with a fuel burn of 140 gallons per hour on average. One of the greatest benefits to this plane is that it is considered to be extremely easy to fly and can be single-pilot operated.

The cabin typically holds six passengers with room for up to two pilots in the cockpit. The three baggage compartments (which can carry up to 1,100 pounds of luggage) provide apple storage space. The design goals of the CJ2 (and other Citation Jets) can be simply stated in three words: simplicity, economy, and performance. These aircraft are designed to be inexpensive to produce, aerodynamically advanced, and easy to handle.

The manufacturer, Cessna, is a brand of Textron Aviation. Founded in 1927, the Cessna Aircraft Company has produced a variety of popular aircraft models including: